Emezzi slim windows,
doors and partitions

About Emezzi


Emezzi is a Dutch-based metal door manufacturer. We supply worldwide through our distributor network. The distributors also take care of fitting the metal doors. They install your doors or walls to suit your requirements. Emezzi supplies internal and external pivot doors, sliding doors and fixed walls. We can also fit out your office with glazed steel office walls to give that industrial look there, too. Metal doors from Emezzi are always made to order. This means we can almost always offer the exact product you require. We have also developed the sleekest and most slimline frame ourselves - even more slender and slimline than the standard frames available on the market. This means we guarantee a very slimline unit with a superior finish. Our products boast high quality and a very long service life.

The alternative to steel doors

Do you want to freshen up your interior with the industrial look using steel doors? Emezzi offers you a cost-effective alternative to the industrial steel door. Our metal doors are made of aluminium rather than steel. The even more slender and sleek metal frames give your interior that little bit extra. Aluminium has the advantage that it weighs less than steel and is therefore much more convenient, yet it still produces a sturdy and solid door. Also, aluminium does not rust. The doors are therefore suitable for outdoor use. You also don't see any weld seams on our metal doors either, which guarantees a very sleek and slender appearance. The coating we apply is the same as with steel doors. This means we create the same industrial look as with steel doors, just more sleek and slimline.

Aluminium cannot rust

In addition, aluminium cannot rust. The doors are also suitable for use outdoors. You won't find any weld seams on our doors, which ensures that the doors have a slim and sleek appearance. The colour finish to our doors and walls is the well-known powder coating, which is suitable for protecting facade windows and doors in steel and aluminium. Therefore, we are able to create the same industrial look which can be seen with our steel doors but in this case, it is more refined and sleek.