Emezzi products are
sleeker and slimmer

Better than steel doors with glass



Our interior metal doors are made with glass and slim aluminium frames. This means they are indistinguishable from steel doors apart from the points listed below. The glass frames are the foundation of the doors and partitions. Our version of the steel-look door is symmetrical and identical on both sides. This ensures that the products have a sleek appearance. On this page, you can read more about the features of our aluminium steel-look doors.


Slimmer than
​​​​​​​steel doors

The frames we use for aluminium doors and office walls are much more slender and slimline than those used for steel doors. This is because steel with a "radius" of 3 mm is normally used. With our frames, developed in-house, there is a radius of just ½ mm. Our frames are only 30 mm wide face-on, whereas with steel doors it is usually 35 mm or even more. As a result, we have the sleekest and most slimline, yet super strong frame - in-house!


Symmetrical and lightweight

Our metal doors look the same on both sides. Where different doors are used in the same room, you therefore avoid seeing different sides of each at the same time. Aluminium is also much lighter than steel. Using a bigger wall thickness - 3 mm instead of 2 mm with steel doors - gives similar strength. This makes our metal doors just that little bit easier to handle than steel doors, without affecting the strength.


No welding,
​​​​​​​no rust

No weld seams are visible with ours, giving the doors a very clean finish. And as our doors are made not of steel, but of aluminium and stainless steel parts, there’s no rust. This is a major advantage, especially for shower enclosures and outdoor areas, but it will also extend the life of internal doors. Cleaning the metal door too vigorously will not damage it. Also, sweaty hands don’t harm the handle’s coating or material.


Quality and cost-effective

Our metal doors are finished in the Netherlands using a high-quality Axalta powder coating. This coating is baked on hard, so it is almost impossible to wear off. You never have to paint the doors, but if you want a different colour you can, of course, do this. Thanks to high-quality powder coating, the same glass and the noticeable difference in strength, our metal doors are indistinguishable from steel doors!

The emezzi profiles are
​​​​​​​sleeker and slimmer

A glazed metal door


There is of course glass in our steel doors. We only work with high-quality glass, manufactured and supplied by the Saint Gobain Group, as they meet our high quality requirements. Our metal doors are fitted with either laminated or toughened safety glass as standard. Our opaque glass is laminated. This means that the window contains layers of glass, foil and glass again. Should the glass shatter, the fragments always stick to the foil so nobody gets injured (in accordance with NEN3569, safety glass used in buildings). We almost always use toughened safety glass for the tinted glass options. If the glass in the door breaks, it will shatter into small blunt pieces so that nobody gets injured. We can supply many different types of glass. The most common is clear glass, but might you want something a little different from the norm? Well, we can also supply bronze, green or grey glass. Need more privacy? Frosted glass is also an option.

Timeless® anti-corrosion glass


We recommend the TIMELESS® anti-corrosion glass for shower screens. The bathroom is a space that gets a lot of use. A lot is done and experienced in the bathroom, which will show in time. TIMELESS is a glass shower wall that keeps its shine. It is both sustainable and of high quality. It is also easy to maintain.