Emezzi slim windows,
doors and partitions

Metal shower screens


The frames of our fixed walls will never rust, which means the product can be used as a shower screen. The fixed wall is installed at full room height as a corner shower or as a free-standing wall. The use of TIMELESS anti-corrosion glass means that it needs to be cleaned less and you can do more of the things you enjoy!


Create a unique studio look with fixed metal windows

The sleek appearance of these walls is completely in line with the requested modern studio look currently in high demand. The design can be used for fixed windows, revolving doors, sliding doors as well as various other combinations.

Feel at home in the office

EMEZZI walls can be mixed and matched to form infinite combinations. As a result, the typical metal look can be integrated into a professional work environment.

Metal veranda walls

Our fixed EMEZZI walls are suitable for enclosing a sheltered terrace, garden area or open veranda because the system doesn't rust and the safety glass offers the necessary protection.